Teacher features

DATE | 03/12/24
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Public school employees who participate in our home insurance programs have some clear advantages.

Your home (and everything in it) is likely your largest investment, and we help you protect it. Not all policies are the same. While many companies offer home insurance, ours is the only one created exclusively for Wisconsin public school employees like you. Here are your home insurance advantages.

Especially for teachers

Educator benefits

Increased coverage for personal property losses on school premises—regardless of the cause of loss—to $2,000. No deductible.

Loss of preparation materials

We’ll cover up to $500 ($100 per hour) as reimbursement for preparing new teaching materials that were either stolen or damaged by a covered loss. No deductible.

Protecting your home and possessions

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

If your home was built in 1950 or later, we will pay the full cost to repair and replace your home even if the cost of the repairs exceeds your policy limits.

Extended Replacement Cost

For homes built prior to 1950, we provide up to 125% of the dwelling limit on your policy.

Personal Legal Protection™

An additional benefit to our home policyholders at no extra cost. Create wills, trusts, healthcare directives, and more.

Equipment breakdown coverage

Covers the cost of repairing or replacing mechanical and electrical equipment in your home when it breaks down.

NEW! Flexible jewelry coverage

We offer a straightforward coverage for your jewelry instead of requiring itemization for each piece.

And more…

  • We don’t charge installment fees for monthly payment plans.
  • We offer a claims experience you can trust.
  • Talk to a live person every time you call.

And if you have an auto policy with us, don’t forget your personal liability/umbrella coverage—keep everything under one roof to protect your family and everything you own.

Get an insurance quote

…and have your family members* and colleagues contact us to get a quote, too.

Or sign up for a personal consult. Evening consultations available by appointment.


*Family members who may be eligible include your spouse or domestic partner, children and their spouses, parents, and parents-in-law.