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Personal Legal Protection™

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Helping you take care of legal matters

As an added benefit for WEA Member Benefits’ home policyholders, we are giving you access to Personal Legal Protection.

Personal Legal Protection is an easy-to-use online service which can save you and your family hundreds of dollars by using technology to prepare your most essential legal documents.

Services include:

  • Writing a will or power of attorney
  • Preparing a healthcare directive
  • Creating a trust
  • Renting out a property with a lease
  • Contracting with a builder for home renovation

How Personal Legal Protection works

Legal document creation

You simply choose a service, answer the questions and our smart system will create a high-quality document tailored to your needs.

Sharing and collaboration

You can use our secure workflow to share your documents with someone you trust.

Secure account space

You can store your documents for editing, or export them to print them off or sign them.

For more information

Visit the Personal Legal Protection website.


As an additional benefit of your policy, we provide you with access to a Web-based software known as the Personal Legal Protection service for the drafting, printing, and using of legal documents and materials. The Personal Legal Protection service is a service and is not and shall not be construed as an insurance policy. The access to this service provided under this endorsement does not increase any limit of liability in your policy. Online assistance is provided by Epoq from the website which allows insureds to prepare, print, and use a range of self-guided legal contracts and documents affecting you.  A complete list of the legal contracts and documents is available on the website.
This endorsement terminates on the earlier of (i) the termination of your policy, or (ii) the date specified by us in writing within a properly mailed notice of service cancellation. The software legal document services maintained on or accessed by way of this endorsement are provided “as is” without warranties of any kind.