A financial literacy game created for Wisconsin public school employees.

More than ever before, Wisconsin public school employees need to be aware of common financial pitfalls and how to avoid them, as well as solutions and resources that can help them become financially secure. Member Benefits puts a new twist on financial education with our Don’t Be Jack™ interactive board game. Teams compete while they learn about the advantages or consequences of certain financial actions.

Don’t Be Jack serves several purposes:

  • Offers a fun way to learn about financial issues that impact Wisconsin public school employees.
  • Gets participants thinking about their personal finances and what they need to do to become financially secure.
  • Builds awareness of useful tools and resources that can help with financial decisions and future planning.
  • Serves as a social event to meet other coworkers and learn important financial information in a relaxed environment.

What will we learn?

Financial Topics

Learning how to be more financially aware.
Don’t Be Jack™ brings to life real financial principles by stressing the importance of spending less than you earn, having a written budget, having an emergency fund, saving for the future, understanding insurance, understanding your benefits, and being aware of fees. Game lessons were created with specific adult learning objectives in mind. There are four categories of cards that cover a broad array of financial topics that specifically address the unique financial needs of public school employees:

  • Knowledge: Financial seminars, terms, resources, benefits.
  • Saving: Retirement, emergency funds, kids’ college, large expenses.
  • Planning: Budgeting, proper insurance coverage, preparing for large purchases.
  • Spending: Fees, credit cards, flex spending accounts.

The game takes 90 minutes to play and accommodates 16-30 participants.

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