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Privacy Information

Our commitment to privacy

WEA Member Benefits strives to develop and deliver quality 403(b) and IRA retirement savings programs, financial planning services, and personal insurance programs to Wisconsin public educators and their families. When you choose to participate in our programs, you may provide personal identifiable information to us in order for us to service, maintain, and protect your account(s); process transactions; respond to inquiries; develop, offer and/or deliver products and services; or fulfill legal and regulatory requirements.

Protection of your personal information is very important to us and we do so with respect for your privacy. We do not sell any of your personal information to third parties.

Access to and protection of information

We limit access to your personal information to our employees, contractors, and service providers who use the information to provide services to you (or assist us in providing services to you). We maintain security standards designed to protect your information from unauthorized disclosure. We apply these standards to all our interactions with you, whether in writing, by telephone, or in-person.

WEA Member Benefits Privacy Policy

Federal law also requires us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect your personal information. You can find that information in our WEA Member Benefits Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”) below. All financial companies share member personal information to operate their business, advertise, and service consumers. Federal law gives you the right to limit some, but not all, of this sharing.

Notification regarding Privacy Policy

In keeping with requirements of federal law, we will promptly communicate any changes to our privacy policy to you. You may view our privacy notice here:

>> WEA Member Benefits Privacy Notice

To contact us or update your personal information:

To contact us or update your personal information, you may write or call us at:

WEA Member Benefits
660 John Nolen Drive
Madison, WI 53713

To exercise your right to opt-out of certain sharing of your personal information, click here.

Your digital privacy and security

Our concern for the privacy of your personal information applies to all facets of your interaction with us, including our digital offerings. When you interact with us online by using our Web site, online account access services, phone access line, or mobile applications, we use security measures including firewalls, encryption techniques, and authentication procedures designed to maintain the security of your session and to protect WEA Member Benefits’ accounts and systems from unauthorized access.

For our 403(b), IRA, and Personal Investment Account participants

Keeping your account safe from fraudulent activity is a partnership between you and WEA Member Benefits. As soon as possible after opening your account, we encourage you to:

  1. Follow the instructions provided to you to access your online account for the first time.
  2. Once your account has been verified, we will prompt you on the yourMONEY online account access portal to create a unique username and password when you access your account for the first time. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a password:

-Make sure your password is unique and is used only on our account access portals.

-Longer passwords are stronger than shorter ones. We recommend at least 12 characters, using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that are meaningful only to you and complex enough to not be guessable.

-If you have more than one account with us, use a unique password for each account. Do not use the same password across accounts.

-Be wary of unsolicited requests for your personal information online, by email, or by phone.

-Do not share any usernames, account numbers, or passwords with anyone.

  1. We recommend that you monitor your account on a consistent basis and verify any account activity. Report any suspicious activity to us immediately.

How we protect your account

We use a variety of controls that are designed to detect and prevent unauthorized access to our network and your personal information.

Those controls include the following:

  • We communicate with financial industry security groups and government agencies to monitor the threat landscape.
  • Our associates receive security training about how to handle sensitive data.
  • We require 2-factor authentication for our online accounts.
  • The date and time of your last account login is visible to you once logged into yourMONEY.
  • We mask some sensitive information. You’ll see symbols in login fields and in place of your Social Security number. Social Security numbers are also hidden once inside yourMONEY.
  • Your online session will automatically time out after a certain period of inactivity.
  • We use certificate-based encryption designed to create a secure online environment. Check to see if there is a “lock” icon next to the URL address bar and whether the URL starts with “https:” instead of “http:”. “https:” indicates that the browser window is secure.
  • Account recovery questions and answers are utilized in the event your account is compromised.
  • We use measures to authenticate and verify member identity.


Notification emails which confirm activity on your account are automatically enabled the first time you log into your account. They help you monitor your account and respond quickly to prevent unauthorized access or fraud. You will receive an alert via email if changes to your account are initiated online, including address changes, password changes, and other transactions.

Your responsibility for cybersecurity

While WEA Member Benefits has controls in place to secure your personal information and account, some of the burden also falls to you. Unfortunately, there is no cybersecurity silver bullet. As mentioned above, we recommend that you select and maintain a secure password to WEA Member Benefits systems and avoid sharing it with anyone else. We also recommend that you keep any systems and software you use to access our systems patched and updated, use updated antivirus/antimalware software, avoid public computers and public WiFi when accessing your yourMONEY online account, and otherwise practice good security hygiene. Also, you should always immediately inform us of any unauthorized access or suspicious activity.

Unauthorized access

We review each report of unauthorized access in an effort to determine what occurred, file notices with relevant law enforcement agencies, where appropriate, and, in the event of a financial loss, we will assess the facts and circumstances for potential reimbursement to your account.

Cookies and analytics

WEA Member Benefits and our third-party service providers may collect technical and analytic information such as device type, browser type, Internet protocol address, pages visited, date and time of visit, and average time spent on our digital offerings. We and our service providers may also use cookies, pixels, and similar technologies to collect such technical and analytic information. Cookies, pixels, and other technologies are also used by us for a variety of other purposes including facilitating site navigation, enhancing security, improving Website design and functionality, and personalizing your experience.

Cookies are small text files that a website or online service exchanges with a web browser or application on a user’s device (for example, computer, tablet, or mobile phone). You can refuse or delete cookies. Most browsers and mobile devices offer their own settings to manage cookies. If you refuse a cookie, or if you delete cookies from your device, you may experience some inconvenience or loss of functionality in your use of our digital offerings.

E-mail messaging

WEA Member Benefits may occasionally send marketing e-mail messages to you. You may unsubscribe to marketing e-mails by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the e-mail you received.

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