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Gain financial knowledge

Understanding financial concepts has a major impact on people’s economic health, both now and in the future.  Member Benefits supports Wisconsin public school employees with financial education and resources so that they can become more confident in making financial decisions that will positively affect their lives. 


your$ magazine

Our quarterly magazine is full of helpful financial articles. Members receive it free of charge, and issues can also be viewed online.

Financial articles

Read up on financial topics and get tips and tools.


Download our helpful guides created especially for younger educators. However, there’s something for everyone!

Retirement brochures
Insurance brochures

Learn more in-depth information from our selection of online brochures.


Don’t Be Jack™ Game

  • For district employees: Bring our interactive, award-winning financial literacy game to your school to help staff learn about how to become more financially secure.
  • For students: The Don’t Be Jack: High School Edition game is available to Wisconsin public school employees use in the classroom…for free!


We offer educational seminars to districts throughout Wisconsin on a variety of financial topics including saving for retirement, WRS, investment basics, and more.

How To Videos

A video series highlighting various tutorials for navigating our website and online tools.


Financial calculators

Use our financial calculators to help in your financial decision-making and retirement planning. Our calculators are categorized for easy access. You can print the report screen results for your review.

Budget worksheet 

Our online budget worksheet can aid you in managing your finances. You can choose to print a PDF after completing the form if you choose.

Insurance Q& A Videos

A video series answering the common questions about Home, Auto, and more Insurance.

Long-Term Care Q&A Videos

A video series answering the common questions about Long-Term Care Insurance.

Member Benefits is ‘education.’ I love the ongoing educational opportunities they provide.—Kelly McGrath, Appleton Area School District