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Financial Coaching

If you are new to investing and retirement saving or need guidance on a basic financial topic, our financial coaching options can help.

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These products and services are offered to Wisconsin residents.

If you are new to investing and retirement saving, or if you need guidance on a basic financial topic as outlined below, these financial coaching options will help you get started down the road to financial security.

These services are offered at no cost to:

  • Member Benefits’ 403(b) or IRA participants.
  • WEAC members.
  • Employees of WEAC, WEA Member Benefits, WEA Trust.
  • Eligible family members of the previous.

Complimentary Consultations ↓

Financial Planning Consultations ↓

Comprehensive Financial Planning ↓

Complimentary Consultations

Meet with a registered representative.

This service is for you if you have questions about any of the following:

  • Should I enroll in an IRA or 403(b)?
  • Should I transfer/rollover my accounts to Member Benefits?
  • Should I make pre-tax or Roth contributions?
  • What basic things should I know about the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)?
  • How much should I save (deferral amounts)?
  • How should my assets be allocated?
  • Do I have enough to retire?
  • When or how should I withdraw my funds?
  • How long will my money last?
  • How much will I have in my 403(b) when I retire?
  • Are my beneficiary designations up to date?

Schedule a complimentary consultation

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Financial Planning Consultations

Meet with a Financial Planning Specialist or Financial Advisor.

Schedule a financial planning consultation to discuss any of the following issues:

  • Budgeting—How do I get started?
    • Debt reduction
    • Student loan vs. retirement savings
    • Discretionary expenses
  • Net worth analysis
    • Explore “what if” scenarios: Roth conversions, health events, tax savings, legacy planning
  • Savings
    • Buying a home
    • Selling a home
    • Downsizing a home
    • Saving for vacation
    • Planning/starting a family
    • Building a legacy for my heirs/charity
    • College savings
    • Long-term care
  • Options for pension payments
  • Social Security and Medicare
    • Break-even calculations
    • When and where to apply for government benefits
  • What funds to take distributions from
  • Pension discussion
    • WRS CORE vs. Variable
    • WRS annuity options

Schedule a financial planning consultation

After scheduling your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email from listing documents to send prior to your appointment.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Meet with a Financial Advisor.

Get more help on any of the following topics:

  • Initial estate planning
    • Explore conversion “what if” scenario.
    • Evaluate long-term health insurance.
    • Register other accounts into the eMoney platform (transfer on death, bank accounts, etc.)
  • Rental property: Deciding to sell it or leave it to pass on to heirs
  • My spouse owns his/her own business: Deciding to sell it or leave it to pass on to my heirs
  • Self-employed business owner: Special circumstances to consider
  • Relocation: Determining whether to buy a second home in another state
  • Allocation advice on 403(b) and/or IRA accounts(s)

Schedule a comprehensive financial planning appointment  

After scheduling your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email from listing documents to send prior to your appointment.

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Some consultations may be free, call us for details. However, if you choose to invest in the WEA 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuity, WEA Member Benefits IRA, or WEA Member Benefits Personal Investment Account programs, fees will apply. Consider all expenses before investing. Must meet eligibility rules to participate. 

Fees and services subject to change. Listed fees effective as of February 1, 2022. Terms controlled by signed service agreement.