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DATE | 03/05/24
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Member Benefits has added a new guide created to help you become more financially secure.

Did you know Member Benefits has a variety of free eBooks for you to download?


We have updated our very popular eBook, What To Do When You Lose a Loved One. When you lose someone you love, there are many details to consider. Our financial guide walks you through important financial tasks to do during the days, weeks, and months that follow after a loved on passes away.


We have added a new companion eBook, A Love Letter to My Family. This guide is meant to be a financial ‘love letter’ to your family. It helps you organize your personal paper trail, enhance the legal documents you have prepared, and helps reduce stress and potential conflicts for your loved ones. It is NOT a binding legal or financial document but a tool that can help you organize your thoughts, wishes, and assets in one place.

Learn more and download these and other helpful eBooks on retirement, insurance, financial security, and starting out your career as an educator.