A love letter to my family eBook

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Death is difficult for most people to consider, so many of us forget to share our wishes and important financial information before we are unable to do so. Filling out a financial ‘love letter’ to your family organizes your personal paper trail, enhances the legal documents you have prepared, and helps reduce stress and potential conflicts for your loved ones.

Your letter is NOT a binding legal or financial document. But it is a tool that can help you organize your thoughts, wishes, and assets in one place to make things easier on your loved ones when you can no longer communicate with them.  The eBook includes sections to:

  • Share your personal information and who you want notified of your death or disability.
  • Gather contact information and locations on your financial contacts, your assets and liabilities, insurance, and other important documents.
  • Make a plan for your digital assets.
  • Disclose any final wishes.
  • Write a personal note.

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