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Understanding Your Insurance Plans

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What can affect your insurance coverage with us?


When you have an auto policy with us, it insures your entire household. All vehicles listed on the policy are insured no matter who drives them as long as the driver has your permission.

Your policy remains active as long as you pay the premiums on time, continue to live in Wisconsin and have your insured vehicles registered in the state, and experience no significant changes in your driving risks.

  • If there is an alcohol-related violation or a serious traffic violation by someone in your household, we may transfer your coverage to another Member Benefits plan.
  • If the members of your household have two or more at-fault accidents within a three-year period or three or more traffic violations by a single driver in a three-year period, we may have cause to transfer your policy as well.

The purpose of these guidelines is to reward those who drive safely by placing them in our lowest cost program. Participants who don’t fit a low- or moderate-risk profile must participate in a separate plan until their situation improves.

If you experience multiple comprehensive claims, we will review your situation and reevaluate the risk of future comprehensive losses. If the risk is heightened, we may require that you increase your deductible amount for such claims.


We consider a broad range of risk factors when we issue a home policy. The guidelines that determine which risks are acceptable are designed to benefit the majority of our participants.

Therefore, we exercise care when accepting a risk. For example, we will not issue a new home policy for a home valued at more than $700,000, one with a trampoline, one that contains a vicious dog, or one where a wood stove is the primary heat source. This philosophy allows us to serve participants better by protecting the economic well-being of the program.

Your coverage with us will remain effective as long as you pay the premiums on time and you maintain an acceptable risk profile.

We will review your policy if you experience two or more losses attributable to causes other than “acts of God” during one year or if you have any unusual liability claims that suggest abnormal risk.

What happens if...
Auto policiesHome policies
Not at-fault accidentNo action takenWeather-related home losses:
Moving traffic violations in the past 3 years:--Single occurrenceNo action taken
--Single occurrenceNo action taken--Persistent pattern of lossesMay require a higher deductible
--Multiple occurrencesPremium increase for 2 yearsNonweather-related home losses:
--Persistent pattern of violationsMay be transferred to another Member Benefits plan--Single occurrenceNo action taken
Major traffic violations (operating motor vehicle while intoxicated, speeding in excess of 25 mph over posted speed limit, etc.)May be transferred to another Member Benefits plan--Two or more within 1 yearParticipation may not be allowed
At-fault accidents:--Persistent pattern of lossesMay require a higher deductible
--One per family within 3 yearsPremium increase for 2 yearsUnfenced pool less than 4' highParticipation may not be allowed
--Two or more per family within 3 yearsMay be transferred to another Member Benefits planTrampolineParticipation may not be allowed
At-fault accidents and moving traffic violation:Wood-burning stove in the homeInspection and cleaning are required annually
--Two or more within 3 years per operator under 21May be transferred to another Member Benefits planUnsafe property conditionsParticipation may not be allowed
--Four or more per family within 3 yearsMay be transferred to another Member Benefits planVicious dog or other animalParticipation may not be allowed
Comprehensive auto losses(including animal collisions):Home not properly maintainedParticipation may not be allowed
--Single eventNo action takenVacant or non owner occupiedVacant or non owner occupied
--Multiple eventsMay require higher deductible
The actions noted above are guidelines. Each situation will be evaluated based on the unique circumstances of the occurrence.

How we do business

At WEA Member Benefits, we do things differently than other insurers. We’re not a typical insurance company; we operate as a trust which reinvests any profits back into programs that benefit participants. We take time to learn about you—your needs, your family situation, your tolerance for risk, and other factors—so we can help you determine which programs work best for you.

To make our mission succeed, we have established guidelines, or underwriting principles, that define eligible risks. These guidelines help us to serve all Wisconsin public school employees better. Without proper underwriting, our services could not be affordably priced and many might be excluded from the benefits of our programs. The purpose of these underwriting principles is to ensure high-quality programs for participants on a cost effective basis and to ensure Member Benefits’ future well-being.

Unlike many other insurers, we communicate these guidelines to our participants so you know what to expect.

WMBT 2822-290-1120 (W)

Effective November 2020. Policies and programs described are subject to change at any time.