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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

A benefit unlike any other

What does Equipment Breakdown Coverage encompass?

It covers all of your important home systems and property due to loss by mechanical, electrical, or pressure systems breakdown. That includes appliances, heating and cooling systems, swimming pool equipment, water heaters, well pumps, garden tractors, home security systems, electrical systems, personal computers, home electronics, and more. Even items that you typically think of as disposable, such as, televisions, computers, microwaves, and DVD players, could benefit from this coverage as the result of an electrical power surge or other mechanical breakdown.

Equipment breakdown coverage may provide primary coverage for sudden and unexpected breakdowns in mechanical, electrical, and pressure systems. This inexpensive coverage reduces gaps in home insurance coverage and could be an alternative to a more comprehensive and costly home warranty programs and extended warranty programs offered by major retailers. Exclusions (e.g. normal wear and tear, damage from neglect and poor maintenance) apply.

This coverage is available to anyone who has a home, renters, or condo insurance policy with WEA Member Benefits.

What are some typical losses covered by this benefit?

A power surge caused by the electric utility resulted in arcing damage to the electronic components of a panel television and electric motor of an air conditioning system. Replacement and repairs required service by separate technicians.
Typical cost of repair: $3,750

A domestic water 230-volt deep well pump short-circuited to ground. Upon being pulled from the well to determine its condition, it was concluded that the cost to repair the motor was greater than the cost of replacement.
Typical cost of replacement: $1,260

An air conditioning system suffered an ice buildup in the evaporator due to a cracked compression fitting. The ice plugged the condensate drain causing the water to flow into the control cabinet, short-circuiting the solid state controls for the air conditioning system and furnace.
Typical cost of repair: $2,800

A personal computer used to control multiple systems (HVAC, lighting, and irrigation) within the home and grounds sustained electrical damage from a power surge. Replacement of the computer and the unique programming was required.
Typical property damage: $2,975

Does my homeowners or rental policy cover equipment breakdowns?

No. Your homeowners or rental policy does not cover the cost of repairing or replacing essential equipment in your home when it breaks down.

Doesn’t my landlord’s insurance cover me?

Your landlord’s policy does not cover your personal property. The homeowners or commercial property insurance policy your landlord carries insures the landlord’s property, not yours. If a power surge causes equipment failure, in most cases you would be responsible for the financial costs for repair or replacement unless you have Equipment Breakdown Coverage.

Is coverage affordable?

Coverage is affordable with a $500 deductible and a $100,000 limit.  Call us for a quote.

How does this differ from extended warranty programs or service agreements?

Warranty contracts typically cover one piece of equipment. They may have strict limitations and only cover certain parts of the equipment. These programs are designed to cover the equipment for a limited time. The cost of these types of agreements vary widely and can be expensive depending on the product.

What if the breakdown occurs while the equipment is not on the property that is insured?

We will pay for loss or damage to covered property resulting from a covered equipment breakdown while temporarily at a premises or location that is not an insured premises. This coverage does not apply to any motor vehicle. This off-premises coverage is limited to $10,000.

Does the replacement have to be of like kind or quality to be covered?

Our market-leading “Green” coverage may provide up to 150% of the cost of repairing or replacing your covered property with an alternative that is better for the environment, safer, or more efficient than the equipment being repaired or replaced.

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Effective April 2024. Policies and programs described are subject to change at any time.