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Personal Investment Account

A non-retirement investment opportunity.

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A non-retirement Personal Investment Account is an investment opportunity outside our 403(b) and IRA programs.

It’s a way to invest your money outside of a retirement account without using a cash account such as savings, checking, or certificates of deposit. Account registration types include TOD Individual, TOD JTWROS, UTMA, Trust, and more. You can register more than one account type if you wish.

If you have a windfall of cash, an inheritance, proceeds from the sale of a property, required minimum distributions, or extra income you won’t need (for example, perhaps you don’t need to use the cash within the next five years or longer), a personal investment account might be for you. You may also use current holdings in a brokerage account depending on capital gains consequences.

There are three tax benefits to these types of investments.

  1. Pay income taxes at the lower capital gains rate on qualified dividends rather than ordinary income tax on interest income.
  2. Pay as you go on the earnings of your investments.
  3. For your heirs, there will be a “step-up in basis” to your date of death, which is the readjustment of the total value for tax purposes upon inheritance. The result is that your beneficiaries’ capital gains taxes are minimized.

Why should you choose Member Benefits?

  • You already know us. We are a member organization and we designed our Personal Investment Account program around public school district employees and their families.
  • We are member focused, exclusively servicing public school employees and their families. No commissions are paid to Member Benefits staff and we have no shareholders.
  • We provide personal service. Our experienced Financial Planning Advisors will take the time to help you understand your investments and develop a plan that is right for you.

WEA Financial Advisors, Inc., will manage allocation models suitable to your tolerance for risk. The six models range from ultra-conservative to aggressive and use our current list of vetted mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

We will NOT charge any additional fees for managing your account.

View non-retirement Personal Investment Account investment fund options.

The non-retirement Personal Investment Account has a low maintenance fee of 0.35% annually on the balance of your account.

There will be no other fees like broker’s commissions, management fees, or confusing annuity riders—just the one fee.

Mutual fund operating expenses will still apply.

Fill out the form below or contact WEA Financial Advisors, Inc., at 1-800-279-4030, Extension 6730 to set up an appointment to talk about the benefits of the non-retirement Personal Investment Account program and start investing right away.

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