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Your home (and everything in it) is likely your largest investment and we can help you protect it. Not all policies are the same. It’s important to understand what you are buying, so you won’t find yourself short on coverage when you need it.

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Home insurance

Home insurance benefits for educators

While many companies offer home insurance, ours is the only one created exclusively for Wisconsin public school employees like you, with exclusive coverages like:

  • Loss on school premises
  • Loss of prep materials

Home insurance

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These products and services are offered to Wisconsin residents.

Your home (and everything in it) is likely your largest investment. We can help you protect it.


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While many companies offer home insurance, ours is the only one created exclusively for Wisconsin public school employees like you.

Member Benefits' home policy highlights

Guaranteed Replacement CostFor homes built during or after 1950
Extended Replacement CostFor homes built before 1950
Loss on School PremisesUp to $2000 for loss of personal property at school. All peril, no deductible!
Loss of Prep MaterialsUp to $500. No deductible!

Not all policies are the same. It’s important to understand what you are buying, so you won’t find yourself short on coverage when you need it.

We will help you understand the protection that is available and help you strike the right balance between coverage and price.

A standard home policy includes four essential types of coverage.

They include:

  • Coverage for the structure of your home.
  • Coverage for your personal belongings.
  • Liability protection for injuries and damage you cause to other people.
  • Additional living expenses in the event you are temporarily unable to live in your home because of a fire or other insured disaster.

Calculating your coverage

First, do not try to save on premium costs by shortchanging your coverage. This is the primary reason homeowners find themselves without enough coverage when they need it. Increasing your deductible is a better way to manage your premium costs.

Coverage for the structure of your home.
This should be based on current market costs for materials and labor to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss. Do not confuse this amount with assessment values, new home prices, appraised value, or current real estate prices for comparable homes. Review your coverages periodically to make sure it is keeping up with costs for rebuilding. If you add on to your home or make significant improvements, make sure to take those into consideration and adjust your coverage.

Coverage for personal belongings.
This includes everything inside your home. Use a home inventory checklist like the one in our Personal Property Home Inventory eBook, take pictures or video to help you keep track, and verify the make and condition. Keep a copy of the inventory off site.

Consider purchasing additional coverage for high-value items such as jewelry, art, and antiques to ensure you have ample coverage for your other personal property

Liability protection
Liability coverage protects you from claims resulting from injuries and damage you cause to other people. This coverage is intended to protect you on and off your premises. For example, someone steps in a hole in your yard, breaks an ankle, or your runaway grocery cart runs into another car or knocks someone down, causing injury.

Additional living expenses
This coverage pays expenses that you might incur if you are forced out of your home because of a covered loss such as fire. Typical expenses include hotel costs, rent, food, or travel.

The deductible is the amount that you will pay before receiving any money from the insurance company.

Deductibles can range from $100 to $5,000. A higher deductible means you pay more out of pocket if a loss occurs, but a higher deductible can also save you money by reducing your premiums.

Three reasons to consider a higher deductible:

  1. You can reduce your premium.
  2. Buying protection that covers you for a small claim is generally not a good buy. You buy insurance to protect yourself from substantial losses.
  3. A higher deductible lessens the chance that your standing with your insurance company will be affected. If you have a low deductible which causes you to submit a number of small claims, your premiums will likely increase…or your coverage could even be terminated.

Choosing the right deductible

Your ability to pay the deductible is an important consideration when choosing a level that is right for you. Even if you believe that paying a higher deductible to reduce your premium is a sound theory, a high deductible makes little sense if making this payment creates significant hardship for you and your family.

If you have questions about whether you should choose a higher deductible, call one of our Member Service Consultants at 1-800-279-4030.

Our home insurance discount programs can save you money on your insurance premium.

Review your coverage regularly with one of our Member Service Consultants to be sure you’re receiving all of the discounts for which you qualify.

  • WEAC Member Discount
  • Auto/Home Discount
  • New Home Discount
  • Renewal Discount
  • Home Alarm System Discount
  • Smoke Alarm Discount
  • Renovation Discount
  • New Roof Discount

Another way to save money.

  • Increasing your deductible can reduce your premium costs without compromising your coverage.

Budget-friendly payment options

You can pay your premiums annually or use our popular automatic monthly payment option called SmartPlan. If you are employed by a district participating in Trust Advantage™, you can arrange payroll deduction to pay your premiums. Both SmartPlan and payroll deduction provide you with smaller, easier-to-manage payments.

Our home insurance program is designed with unique qualities that set us apart from other commercial providers. Compare our special features. The difference is clear.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost (GRC)

We will pay the full cost to repair or replace your home with materials of like kind and quality without the limits imposed by most other insurers. GRC eligibility includes homes built during or after 1950.

Extended Replacement Cost

For homes that were built prior to 1950, this coverage provides up to 125% of the dwelling limit on your policy.

Benefits just for educators

Increased coverage for personal property losses on school premises—regardless of the cause of loss—to $2,000. No deductible!

In addition, we offer $500 coverage for stolen or damaged prep materials for classroom-related activities. No deductible!

Inflation guard protection

Our inflation guard protection automatically increases your coverage limits each year to keep up with changes to the cost of building materials and personal property. This feature helps ensure that you have the protection you need when you need it.

Additional liability protection (umbrella)

If you would like to extend the liability coverage on your home and auto policy, we have a program that can provide that too. You must insure both your home and your autos with us to be eligible for additional liability protection.

Additional living expenses

If your home is damaged and you are forced to live elsewhere while repairs are completed, our policy helps pay any added living expenses for up to one full year. We pay the reasonable extra costs you incur by living away from home such as any additional rent, food, or travel expenses.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Coverage for the cost of repairing or replacing essential equipment in your home when it breaks down can be added as an endorsement to your policy.

Sewer backup coverage

Up to $20,000 coverage for damage due to sewer backup can be added as an endorsement to your policy.

Identity theft coverage

Our policy covers out-of-pocket costs, as well as costs associated with services you may need to help straighten out credit records and reclaim your identity.

Recreational vehicle insurance

We can also insure your mopeds, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), campers, and boats.

Tree removal

Tree removal caused by a wind storm is covered up to $1,500.

Mold coverage

We cover mold that arises from a covered loss up to $50,000.

Theft and arson reward program

We’ll pay up to $1,000 for information leading to the conviction of perpetrators responsible for theft or arson to your property.

Mid-term policy reviews

We conduct periodic policy reviews that help you uncover how changes in your personal life may affect your insurance needs.

Flexible payment plans

You can pay your premiums annually, semiannually, quarterly, or use our popular automatic monthly payment option called SmartPlan. If you are employed by a district participating in Trust Advantage™, you can arrange payroll deduction to pay your premiums.

Family eligibility

Your children, even adult children, are also eligible to participate in our insurance program. Plus, once enrolled, you and your family can continue participating even if you leave or change jobs. Restrictions may apply.

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