Ninth Annual Student Art Contest

DATE | 04/01/24
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Calling all student artists!

Whimsical Wonder is the theme of the ninth annual student art contest sponsored by WEA Member Benefits and WEA Member Benefits Foundation, Inc.

Young artists are encouraged to think outside the box and embrace the theme in their unique and imaginative ways, exploring new concepts, experimenting with different mediums, and pushing the boundaries of their imaginations. This could be something like a carnival where curiosities come to life or floating islands suspended in the sky. The choices are as boundless as the artist’s imagination.

Monetary prizes from WEA Member Benefits Foundation will be awarded to 11 student winners, with one student artist receiving the “Loeymae Lange Best in Class” award. The “Best in Class” award is named in memory of Loeymae Lange, a former art teacher at Cooper Elementary School in Burlington, Wisconsin. Her brother, Dr. Paul Lange, and his wife June continue to honor Loeymae’s legacy by establishing an endowment gift to the Foundation to honor her love for the arts and all she did to inspire students. Her legacy will live on through this generous gift in the form of monetary prizes for art contest winners.

The deadline to enter the 2024 student art contest is Friday, May 3, 2024.  Finalists will be announced soon after the contest closes in May. For more information about the art contest, including contest rules, eligibility, and submitting art, visit the Student Art Contest webpage.