Student Art Contest

Give your students a chance to gain some very special recognition for their creative work!

Sponsored by WEA Member Benefits and WEA Member Benefits Foundation.

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Congratulations to our 2024 Student art contest FINALISTS!

We are thrilled to announce the finalists of this year’s Student Art Contest! Your creativity, passion, and dedication to the arts have truly shone through in your exceptional works. Each piece submitted reflected incredible talent and artistic vision, making the selection process both inspiring and challenging.

Without further ado, here are the finalists:

Carver Jacobson, 1st grade, Bangor
Mary Lu Hopkins, 2nd grade, Kettle Moraine
Elisa Kadoch, 4th grade, Tomorrow River
Adelyn Kreibich, 5th grade, West Salem
Danning Zhang, 6th grade, Middleton Cross Plains
Veda Cubberley, 6th grade, Lake Mills
Solange Mercado-Vildiva, 7th grade, Milwaukee
Alyssa Schubert, 10th grade, Kohler
Ava Wawroski, 10th grade, Janesville
Elizabeth Montiho, 12th grade, Waukesha
Jasmine Hoganson, 12th grade, Wausau

A special thank you to all participants who submitted their art. Your creativity and hard work made this contest a resounding success. We encourage you to continue pursuing your artistic endeavors with the same enthusiasm and passion.

Stay tuned for our “Best in Class” announcement later this summer.

About our Contest
For the past 8 years, visitors to our lobby have been wowed by the outstanding work created by Wisconsin public school students and we’re happy to showcase their talent!

Up to ten finalists will win a $500 prize each, and one finalist will be awarded the $1,500 “Best in Class” award named in memory of Loeymae Lange.

Loeymae Lange
The “Best in Class” award is named in memory of Loeymae Lange, who taught art at Cooper Elementary school in Burlington, Wisconsin, for 30 years.
Her brother, Dr. Paul Lange, and his wife June have graciously honored Loeymae’s legacy and love for art by providing this memorial gift to the WEA Member Benefits Foundation, Inc. Read more about Loeymae Lange on our Foundation page.