Student Art Contest

Give your students a chance to gain some very special recognition for their creative work!

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Eighth Annual Student Art Contest

Get ready for another great Wisconsin public school student art contest!

This years theme is All Things Wisconsin! This could mean seasons, things to do, places to see, or people of Wisconsin etc. Show us what comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin! Monetary prizes will be awarded to 11 individual student winners, and the “Loeymae Lange Memorial Best in Show Award” will be given to one student artist whose art exemplifies originality, expression, use of artistic elements, principals of design, overall presentation of artwork, and message.

We will be accepting art from April 1–May 5, 2023.

Coming Soon! More information about the art contest, including contest rules, eligibility, and art entry information will be available online at weafoundation.org/art-contest.

Sponsored by WEA Member Benefits and WEA Member Benefits Foundation.