Is it time to evaluate your auto insurance?

DATE | 01/20/20
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You probably don’t think about your car policy often, but your insurance needs can change over time.

Too little insurance can leave you financially exposed, but too much may mean you’re paying more than you need to. Ensuring you have the most appropriate coverage to fit your needs is to your benefit—and your family’s.

If you haven’t checked your auto insurance policy coverage lately, we can help.

Get an insurance review

If you have an auto policy with us and haven’t reviewed it for a while, call us—what may have made sense a year ago may not make sense now. For example, if you drive an older vehicle, maybe it makes sense to drop collision coverage. Or it may be time to choose a higher deductible. We can take a look at your needs and your existing coverage and give you recommendations.

Contact us to get an insurance quote

If you have a policy with another company and have never contacted us for a quote (or it’s been a while), it’s worth checking with us again. But keep this in mind: Deciding on insurance coverage is about much more than price. When you simplify the purchasing process for insurance by basing it mainly on price, it diminishes your investment and could put you at financial risk. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better, just like expensive doesn’t mean more value.

Price means very little without considering the value of proper coverage, great service, and knowing that you and your family are protected. Our Personal Insurance Consultants can help you gain a better understanding of your insurance needs and give you confidence to make the right decision for you and your family. Talk with us and you’ll become a better insurance consumer, whether you choose us or not.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when comparing insurers:

  • Do my expectations for coverage match what’s in my policy?
  • Is increasing my exposure to financial loss worth the money I may be saving on my premium?
  • What is the company’s claim satisfaction rating?
  • Do the company’s representatives take time to help me understand my policy?

We’re here to help you make the best insurance decisions for your personal needs. Give us a call at 1-800-279-4030.