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We’re not your typical insurance company

“Member Benefits is the best place for a multitude of services, from car insurance to retirement savings.”—Sue Stelzer, Loyal Elementary

The right insurance for you

Auto insurance can be complicated. If you don’t know what you’re buying, you can be left with out-of-pocket costs when a severe accident occurs. We will help you understand the protection that is available and help you strike the right balance between coverage and price. When you’re involved in an accident, that’s when the right protection and exceptional service mean the most.

“A few years ago, I was involved in my first serious car accident. I was able to speak to someone from Member Benefits immediately while still at the accident scene. I had called as I was waiting for the police to arrive and the employee from Member Benefits was extremely helpful; she calmed me down and explained to me the details in my policy and how the claims would be handled. Even afterwards, we kept in contact and I felt reassured that the claims were being handled professionally and I didn’t need to worry.”—Mary Kelly, Marshfield 4th Grade Teacher

Special features

While plenty of companies offer auto insurance, ours is the only one created exclusively for Wisconsin public school employees like you. Our programs are designed with unique qualities that set us apart from other commercial providers. Compare our special features and discounts. The difference is clear.
NEW CAR GUARANTEE: If you have a total loss of a vehicle that is less than 180 days (six months) old, we promise to pay the original purchase price of the vehicle.
CLAIMS SERVICE GUARANTEE: We will deliver fair, prompt, and accurate claim service. If we don’t meet the terms of this guarantee, we will reimburse your deductible up to a maximum of $250.
VIOLATION WAIVER: We will waive one minor moving violation per insured household within the last three years.
MIDTERM POLICY EXAM: Typically, the only time you hear from your insurance company is when your premium is due. Not when you’re with us. We conduct periodic policy reviews that help you uncover how changes in your personal life may affect your insurance needs.
"YOUR CHOICE" AUTO REPAIR PROGRAM: At Member Benefits, you choose where you want to get your vehicle repaired. Unlike many other insurance companies, we do not tell you where to get your car repaired. It’s “your Choice.”
LOYALTY PROGRAM BENEFITS: We appreciate your loyalty. If you are in an accident and you have been insured with us for five or more years with no previous accidents and no more than one ticket in the household, we will waive the accident surcharge.
PAYROLL DEDUCTION: If you are employed by a school district participating in our Trust Advantage™ program, your insurance premium payments may be paid through payroll deduction. This allows you to make smaller, easier-to-manage payments.
NO GENDER BIAS: Most insurance companies use gender to set premiums. We do not consider gender in our rating policy.
EXPOSURE LIMITED TO WISCONSIN: Catastrophic events outside of Wisconsin, such as hurricanes, do not impact your premium rates.

Check out our special discounts

Ask about these discount programs and save money on your insurance premium.

  • Auto/Home Discount
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Good Student Discount (3.0 GPA or higher)
  • Mature Driver Discount (age 50-69)
  • Accident-Free Discount
  • Renewal Discount
  • Safe Driver Discount
  • Loyalty Discount
  • Driver Safety Discount (Age 70 and older)

How we do business

At WEA Member Benefits, we do things differently than other insurers. We’re not a typical insurance company; we operate as a trust which reinvests any profits back into programs that benefit participants. We take time to learn about you—your needs, your family situation, your tolerance for risk, and other factors—so we can help you determine which programs work best for you.

To make our mission succeed, we have established guidelines, or underwriting principles, that define eligible risks. These guidelines help us serve all Wisconsin public school employees better. Proper underwriting allows us to keep benefits affordable while minimizing the risks to the programs.

Unlike many other insurers, we communicate these guidelines to our participants so you know what to expect.

Call one of our consultants at 1-800-279-4030 or get a quote.

WMBT 3414-290-0417 (W)

Effective April 2017. Policies and programs described are subject to change at any time.