Inaugural golf event for WEA Member Benefits Foundation raises $35,000

DATE | 10/30/23
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Funds raised go toward school-based student mental health.

Save the date for next year’s golf outing: August 5, 2024

THANK YOU to all who attended and contributed to our inaugural golf event to support school-based mental health programs in Wisconsin’s public schools on August 7 at The Oaks Golf Course in Cottage Grove. What a day! We hosted nearly 200 participants, including 109 golfers plus another 90 who joined the group at dinner. This was an incredible turnout, raising nearly $35,000 for school-based mental health!

According to a 2021 Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction survey:

  • 52.2% of students reported having anxiety.
  • 33.7% of students said they were sad or hopeless every day.

However, accessing mental health care is a challenge. The National Survey of Children’s Health (2020-2021) found that 46% of Wisconsin school children with mental health conditions had a somewhat or very difficult time obtaining care.

The funds raised at the golf event will enable WEA Member Benefits Foundation to add a new school district to our mental health funding initiative this fall, helping more students access mental health services in Wisconsin public schools.

A few of the pilot school districts we’ve been supporting had this to say:

  • This has taught us how to approach local funders—something we’ve never done before. (Racine)
  • This funding forced us to think about student mental health in a whole new way. (Appleton)
  • This is helping us partner with community resources to serve our students better. (Madison)

Save August 5, 2024 for our next golfing fundraiser—we would love for even more of you to join us! Follow the Foundation on Instagram and Facebook or visit to stay up to date.

Student art contest winners announced!

Art can be a positive influence on mental health. At our golf event, we announced the ten winning artists from our annual contest and the Loeymae Lange Award winner, Samantha MacRogers, an 8th grader from West Salem. Congrats to all!

Visit our art contest page to sign up for information about the 2024 contest.