Foundation update

DATE | 02/19/24
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We have some great news from WEA Member Benefits Foundation, Inc., to share with you.

Green Bay Area Public School District

Steve Goldberg, Executive Director*, met with the district’s mental health leadership team to help them shape their school mental health story for funder outreach.

Wausau School District

Wausau is using funds from us and Connexus Credit Union to fund their new mental health navigator position.

Racine Unified School District

We’ve processed a $20,000 gift from a family foundation whose leaders have ties to the Racine school district. They reached out to us after hearing about our program and indicated they wanted to make a donation before year-end. They have expressed interest in making this a multi-year gift, so we’ll help the district keep in touch with them.

Foundation Yearbook

Watch for our first year-end report, including a look back at our history, coming out soon at the Foundation website.

Golf Outing 2024—A Celebration of School Mental Health in Wisconsin

Mark your calendars for our next golf fundraiser on August 5, 2024! Our inaugural event in 2023 was a tremendous success. Last year’s funds enabled the Foundation to add a new school district to our mental health funding initiative. We hope to see you this year for another fun outing and appreciate your support in helping more students access mental health services in Wisconsin public schools.

*Consultant to WEA Member Benefits Foundation, representing Steve Goldberg Consulting, LLC.