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Financial literacy resources for the classroom

DATE | 02/01/21
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Pick up some helpful tools and resources.

Be sure to read our article, Financial Literacy: A 21st century survival skill.

Wisconsin educator Patrick Kubeny is helping move the needle forward on students’ personal finance know-how and shares how he has built up financial literacy curriculum at his high school—and how you can, too.

Financial literacy resources for the classroom

Next Gen Personal Finance
Moving financial literacy forward by advocating for educators and providing free classroom resources and training.

American Financial Services Association Education Foundation
Patrick also relies on this resource that helps educate consumers of all ages on personal finance concepts.

Economics Wisconsin
Statewide organization that offers professional development for elementary and secondary teachers to assist them in educating students about economics.

Asset Builders
Wisconsin nonprofit organization promoting financial education and wealth-building strategies to enhance the quality of life of low- and moderate-income youth, families, and communities.

National coalition that raises the importance of financial literacy and the importance of effective financial education.

WEA Member Benefits Don’t Be Jack™ Student Edition
Don’t Be Jack wins again! Member Benefits has received its second EIFLE award, winning the 2020 Game of the Year Award from the Institute for Financial Literacy. The student edition is based on the original game we created as a financial education option to help Wisconsin public school employees learn how to build their financial savvy and security.

Member Benefits worked in collaboration with local teachers and subject matter experts to create the game based on Wisconsin’s Academic Standards for Personal Financial Literacy for grades 9–12.

The format is flexible and allows students to work in teams as they make decisions and learn and discuss different personal financial issues or situations they could encounter in life. The game is available to Wisconsin public high schools for free. Visit our Web site to request it for your classroom.

Member Benefits’ financial literacy resources for you

For participants in our retirement programs, yourMONEY offers a Financial Wellness Center with 24/7 access to an interactive library of multimedia financial wellness resources. See the winter 2021 issue of your$ magazine for details.

We also offer a variety of seminars, eBooks, and personal financial consultations. Plus our various financial planning services can assist you whether you are just starting your career or planning your exit. Call us at 1-800-279-4030 for more information.