HEY, Badger fans! Nominate an outstanding educator

Nominate yourself or another deserving Wisconsin public educator to be recognized with an Outstanding Educator Award. Winners will be recognized at a UW sporting event in winter/spring of 2023.

Enter at uwbadgers.com/outstandingeducator. Proud Partner of Wisconsin Athletics!

Congratulations to our Fall 2022 class of outstanding educators!

Jill King

10.1.22 | Football game: Jill King from Green Bay Area School District










Dustin Anderson

11.5.22 | Football game: Dustin Anderson from Wisconsin Rapids School District

Sarah Kopplin

11.11.22 | Volleyball game: Sarah Kopplin from Shorewood School District

Greg Vossekuil

11.15.22 | Men’s basketball game: Greg Vossekuil from Evansville School District

Financial trivia!

Take a little break and test your financial knowledge!

1. Currency is made of a combination of:
A. Wood pulp and cotton
B. Wool and silk fiber
C. Linen and burlap
D. Cotton and linen

2. The largest U.S. note ever printed was worth:
A. $10,000
B. $20,000
C. $50,000
D. $100,000

3. Which of these is NOT a security feature of U.S. currency?
A. Color-shifting ink
B. Magnetic strip
C. Image of the pyramid
D. Red and blue fibers

down arrows









Answers:   1. D     2. D    3. C

Source: FederalReserveEducation.org