Are fees sending your retirement savings down the drain?

Before you rollover an IRA to another provider, you need to know what fees you're paying.

Fees charged by some plans can take a big bite out of your earnings. The number one factor in determining your rate of return—after asset allocation—is cost. To make the most of your invested dollar, you will want to minimize the fees you pay.

Some of the fees commonly charged to retirement savings and investment accounts include:

  • Mortality and Expense Fee
  • Commissions (or Loads)
  • Management Fee
  • 12b-1 Fee
  • Annual Contract Charge
  • Custodial Fee
  • Surrender Charge (or Withdrawal Charge)
  • Wrap Account Fee  

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With Member Benefits, you pay one low annual administrative fee with annual fee cap. No other administrative fees apply. If you or your spouse are paying higher fees with another company, you may want to take a look at us and compare.

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