Dont be Jack

Jill went up the hill to fetch an early retirement. But Jack started later, so the cost was much greater and he saved all the way 'til the end. Take a lesson from Jack and Jill.

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Meet Jack and Jill.

They start out as equals: same school, same job, same salary. Smart Jill socks $50 a pay period (24 times a year) into her retirement account right away. Tardy Jack waits 10 years.

Look at what happens.* Jill’s contributions in the first 10 years—totaling $12,000—grows to $103,530 by age 55 even if she stops contributing at age 32. Jack, who just begins investing at age 32, contributes $28,800 over 24 years, but his account value at age 55 is still less than Jill’s. Jack contributed more money and still doesn’t catch up with Jill…all because he procrastinated.

The story of Jack and Jill illustrates the power of compounding interest or the time value of money.

*Your actual situation may be different from the value shown here. This example uses a projected earning rate of 7.5% for illustrative purposes only. No guarantees are expressed or implied. Results will vary depending upon the actual rate used in the calculation. Over time, the results of any investment will fluctuate and are not guaranteed.

Start your career on the right financial foot!


  • Pay yourself first. Automatic contributions to a 403(b) or IRA make it easy.
  • Build a budget. A budget helps you set priorities, save for things you want, and gives you permission to spend.
  • Watch fees. Keeping fees low means more of your money is working for you.

As a Wisconsin public school employee, you are eligible to open a 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity or a WEAC Roth IRA offered through WEA Member Benefits.

For as little as $20 per month (or $50 per month for the Roth IRA), we can get you going up the hill and on your way to securing your future.

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