Seminar Descriptions

These seminars are designed to accommodate in-service, early release, faculty meetings as well as after-hour meeting venues.

Seven Mistakes Members Make With Their Money (top)

Making wise financial choices early in your career can have a significant impact on your future financial security and give you peace of mind. This seminar will help you understand the benefits and consequences of important financial decisions.

You will:

  • Find out how to avoid the seven most common financial mistakes.
  • Learn how having a written budget can give you permission to spend.
  • Recognize the value of employee benefits and how to use them.
  • Find out the advantages of different savings options.
  • Learn how paying yourself first can improve your financial future
  • Discover resources available to help you make sound financial decisions

The Basics of Budgeting and Saving Workshop (top)

As Wisconsin public school employees adjust to reduced take home pay, having a written budget is more important than ever. A budget gives you control over your finances. It empowers you to set and reach financial goals, helps you manage day-to-day finances and prepare for the unexpected. A budget also gives you permission to spend and allows you to set the course for your financial future.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of a written budget.
  • How to create a working budget.
  • To evaluate your income and read your pay stub.
  • How to categorize and reduce your expenses.
  • Tips for managing your debt.
  • Why saving for your future is necessary and possible even now. 

Don’t Be Jack™ (top)

Sharpen your pencils and put your thinking caps on! It’s time to take a lesson from Jack and Jill. In this fun-filled seminar you will learn about members’ most common financial mistakes and how to avoid them. We start off by explaining the story of Jack and Jill. They started out on equal footing – same school, same job, same salary – but very quickly their financial situations parted ways. Jack made choices that negatively impacted his financial position and future, while Jill avoided common financial mistakes and got on the fast track to a secure future. You and your team will compete on our Don’t Be Jack board game, and you’ll leave with the information you need to follow in Jill’s financial footsteps.  

Insurance 101:  Protecting Your Financial Security (top)

Being properly insured plays an essential role in protecting your financial security.  But how much do you really understand about your auto and home insurance coverage?  For instance, are you confident you have enough insurance to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss?  It's estimated that two-thirds of homeowners nation-wide do not. At this seminar, you will learn common insurance gaps that could put you at risk for significant financial loss.

You'll leave knowing:

  • How gaps in your insurance coverage can be financially devastating.
  • The most common, and most dangerous, misunderstandings about insurance coverage.
  • How to ensure that all you've worked hard for is properly protected.

 Get on Track to Financial Security (top) 

This seminar is designed to teach employees of all ages the basics of investing and retirement planning. 

  • Find out how to determine your retirement income needs.
  • Learn what retirement income sources are available to you as a public school employee.
  • Learn the importance of reducing product fees and tips about how to make your money work harder for you.
  • Find out the advantages of different savings options including Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, TSA or 403(b), and deferred compensation.
  • Learn how to properly diversify your investment dollars.

This presentation will provide the information you need to achieve your long-term financial goals. Don’t miss it!

Investment Basics: Get Growing(top)

Learning the basics of investing is the first step to building an investment strategy. Many never get past this first step because they don’t have the time or are afraid it’s too complicated. If this describes you, this is your chance. Whether you are just starting out or have been investing and want to know more, this one-hour seminar will be a good investment of your time.

You will learn:

  • The different asset classes and the role each plays in an investment portfolio.
  • How history lessons can help you with long-term investment strategies.
  • The importance of diversifying your investments.
  • How knowing your risk tolerance can help you sleep at night.
  • How to avoid common investment mistakes.
  • How fees impact your investment returns.

Retirement Planning 101: Find out what you need to do to prepare. (top)

This seminar is appropriate for those within 10 years of retirement and will provide you with:

  • An overview of the sources of retirement income available to public school employees, including Wisconsin Retirement System, Social Security, and personal savings.
  • An understanding of common roadblocks to successful retirement planning.
  • A pre-retirement checklist of important things to consider.
  • Tools and solutions to help you achieve your retirement goals.


Preparing for Retirement (top)

If you are within 10 years of retirement, this free seminar can help you understand the different retirement planning solutions available and the implications of the decisions you will make as you approach retirement.

We will discuss:

  • The sources of retirement income available to public school employees including Wisconsin Retirement System, Social Security, and personal savings.
  • The various annuity options available from the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) and Social Security issues.
  • The retirement timeline (including eligibility dates and requirements for pension withdrawals, health insurance, etc.).
  • Personal savings withdrawal issues and tax implications.
  • Investment concepts and financial strategies.
  • Common roadblocks to successful retirement planning.
  • A pre-retirement checklist of important things to consider.
  • Tools and solutions to help you achieve your retirement goals.

Understanding WRS 101: Your State Pension Plan (top)

WRS, the state pension plan, will be a source of retirement income for most Wisconsin public school employees like you. How much do you know about this important benefit? 

Whether you just started your career or are nearing the end of it, there is something for you.

  • Read/interpret your pension statement.
  • Calculate your WRS pension benefit.
  • Choose an appropriate annuity option.
  • Purchase forfeited service.
  • Determine whether you will have a retirement income gap.

There will be opportunities for questions during the presentation.

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance (top)

Long-term care has been called “the greatest uninsured financial risk today.”  This seminar will answer questions about this important coverage, including:

  • What long-term care insurance is and what it covers.
  • Why neither health insurance nor Medicare pays for extended personal care.
  • How much LTC costs – at home, in assisted living, and in nursing facilities.
  • Your options to personalize a policy and tailor it to fit your budget

 Spouses and significant others are welcome.

Long-term care insurance products are underwritten by multiple LTC insurers. Program administered by LTCi Marketing Administrators, (LiMA).

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