WEAC Members

You inspire students every day. Let us inspire you to build the financial security you and your family deserve. WEAC Members can save money with preferred pricing!

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For over 50 years, WEAC members have enjoyed the quality financial programs offered by Member Benefits—programs made available by their union.

WEAC created programs such as our nationally recognized 403(b) and personal insurance programs to give members a quality alternative to for-profit providers of financial services.

While eligibility for these programs is generally extended to all Wisconsin public school employees, WEAC members receive preferred pricing as an added value to their membership. Plus, family members may be eligible for most programs.

Retirement & Investment Products and Services:

Let us help you start saving.
No matter where you are in your financial journey, meeting with an RIS Specialist can be an important step in saving for the future.

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Financial Planning Services:

Let us help you build a plan.
Having a financial plan helps you see the big picture, set goals, and stay on track, whether you are just starting your career or planning your exit.

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Insurance Products and Services:

Let us help you protect what matter most.
We believe you deserve the best insurance.  Our policies include features and coverages you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.