Taking a summer road trip?

DATE | 07/12/21
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As more places open up, more people are traveling this summer.

If you’re planning on hitting the road for a getaway, follow the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared”—you may save yourself some potential frustration. Here’s a quick list to look over before you head out.

Do some car prep

  • The parts of your car that eventually wear out are batteries, tires, fluids, belts, and sensors. If you haven’t checked these in a while, make sure to take care do so before you travel or make an appointment with your mechanic.
  • Make sure the oil and filter have been changed recently.
  • Be sure your windshield wiper blades are in good shape.

Have an emergency kit

  • You should always have a basic emergency kit in your car. Supplies should include first aid, jumper cables, basic tools, snacks, and drinks. Google “car emergency kit” for more ideas.
  • Be sure to keep your gas tank at least one-quarter full, and have plenty of water on hand in the car.

Have a cell phone

  • Even if you don’t use a cell phone regularly, an inexpensive pre-paid phone that you keep in the car could make a big difference in an emergency situation. Keep a car charger handy for your phone.
  • Consider downloading maps offline, especially if you’re traveling through more remote areas of the country.

COVID considerations

  • Even as more people are choosing to fly this year, the road trip remains very popular. Expect more people on the road, and plan your itinerary and reservations well ahead of time.
  • COVID safety is still a concern. Pack extra masks and pay attention to local guidelines on quarantines, mask ordinances, curfews, and dining restrictions. While many restrictions have been lifted, pandemic rules and culture can vary from place to place and may change over time. AAA has a COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Map that you can use for reference.

Make sure you’re covered

  • You should also make sure your auto insurance is paid up and has the appropriate coverages before you start your trip.  (Learn more about auto insurance coverages.)
  • If you have an auto policy with Member Benefits and would like to review your coverage, give us a call at 1-800-279-4030 or set up a free insurance consultation.

Drive safely and enjoy your summer!