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Spring into action with Individual Financial Consultations

DATE | 06/06/22
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We know you have questions. Our Member Benefit Consultants (MBCs) are here to help you answer them.

Where do I start saving for the future? How do I open a retirement savings account? Am I on the right track?

Who are MBCs?

As retired educators and financial sector employees, our MBCs know the importance of saving for the future. They’ve spent years in education and have made the decision to give back and support those who work in public schools with their financial journeys.

MBCs are part-time employees who are available for a quick check-in with Wisconsin public school employees for individual financial consultations (ICONs). (For more in-depth help, explore our Financial Planning options.) Two people from the MBC team are highlighted on the sidebar.

What is an ICON?

ICONS are for everyone, whether you’re a first year teacher or months away from retirement.

ICONs are a time for you to meet with one of our MBCs and get your specific questions answered related to your financial journey.

MBCs can walk through your questions on topics such as 403(b)/IRA enrollment, the importance of saving for the future, or tips for purchasing auto and home insurance. They can also help you review or consolidate your current retirement accounts.

How do I schedule an ICON?

Our staff manages their availability on a scheduling platform called Calendly. This allows anyone who wants to meet with one of our MBCs to pop on the scheduling link, find the times that work for them, and schedule their ICON. Easy as that!

If you have a current MBC you’re working with but need their Calendly link, please reach out to them directly. If you haven’t met with anyone from our MBC team yet, visit Consults page to schedule your ICON. We even offer evening and weekend appointments.

Where can I find additional resources?

Our website has great financial resources. Start by checking out our Learning Center, full of articles, resources, and calculators.

Once you schedule an ICON, you will also receive an email with a link to a resource page to use before, during, and after your consultation.

Interested in joining our MBC team?

We are always looking for new MBCs to help us better serve public school employees. Visit our Careers page to check out the job description and learn more. We’d love to chat with you about this amazing opportunity!

Member Benefit Consultants can provide assistance with your retirement savings accounts but do not offer investment advice. Registered Representatives of and securities offered through WEA Investment Services, Inc., member FINRA.