Retirement Income Analysis planning steps

There are five basic steps in our retirement planning process.

Step One: Initial consultation

This complimentary, no-obligation consultation gives you a chance to talk with a Member Benefits specialist who can access your situation and recommend the direction you should take.

Step Two: Data gathering

Contact our Financial Advisory Consultant who will assign you to a Financial Advisor. Your advisor will contact you with information on how to set up your personal online client portal and download/enter your information and documents prior to the meeting. We will provide you with a list of documents we will need to complete a data gather interview. You’ll be required to sign a service agreement, pay the fee (if applicable), review the documents, and identity, develop, and prioritize your financial goals and objectives.

Step Three: Analysis and plan development

Our financial planner analyzes your information, develops strategies, and writes recommendations to meet your goals. You can request up to three scenarios for the planner to consider.

Step Four: Presenting the plan

At this meeting, your advisor will review the analysis, present the recommendations, and describe the specific strategies included in the retirement plan through your portal. This will be a live screen sharing session where you can log in from your home and your advisor will share their screen with you. The background reports will be saved to your vault and delivered by paper documents.

Step Five: Monitoring progress

Includes one follow-up meeting within a year of the delivery of your analysis to make adjustments to your plan and make any changes to the written recommendation. These meetings can be held through Zoom or by screen sharing through your portal. If you are a WEA Member Benefits 403(b) account holder, your portal will remain active as long as you remain an account holder. We will be available to provide on-going financial consultations through your portal.

Our Retirement Income Analysis is a fee-based service (some exceptions apply). There are no product sales or commissions attached to the service. So you will get an unbiased analysis of your situation.

If you would like more information about the Retirement Income analysis, call 1-800-279-4030, Extension 6730.