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Preparing your loved ones for when you pass

DATE | 12/07/22
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Talking about death is never an easy conversation to have, but preparing loved ones for the future can help ease the stress of the situation when the time arrives.

We put together a list that may help prepare and guide your conversations with loved ones. Some of the highlights include:

Add a trusted contact to your account(s).

This allows us to communicate with your trusted contact if we cannot reach you and helps prevent fraud attempts.

Review and (if necessary) update your beneficiary designations.

The beneficiary designation(s) listed on your retirement savings accounts override your will, so it’s important to keep them updated. To review your beneficiary designations, call us, log in to your online account, or review your quarterly statement.

Put in place a durable power of attorney (for financial reasons).

Having a power of attorney in place, if it comes to that point, is much easier on your loved ones.

Create a list of your accounts, the organizations each of your accounts are with, and contact information for each account location. Share the list with a trusted individual.

This list can help reduce some of the stress and scrambling for loved ones by having all the information in one place.

Download our What to do when you lose a loved one eBook to share with family/friends.

In the midst of grief, life goes on. There are arrangements to be made and logistics to take care of. This informational eBook helps guide you through the financial journey that follows the passing of a loved one.

If you have a 403(b) or IRA retirement/investment account with WEA Member Benefits, we are still here for your beneficiaries. Our team can be reached at 1-800-279-4030, ext. 8568.