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DATE | 01/10/22
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If you have a retirement account with us, there are options to help keep your account even more secure.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is required to access your retirement account through yourMONEY. If you receive a phone call or text message providing a verification code and you aren’t currently attempting to log into your account, please notify us as soon as possible and change your account password.

We also encourage you to add a verbal password to your account as an extra layer of protection. You will need to know this password if you call us to discuss specifics about your account. Simply complete and send in the Telephone Access authorization form from our retirement forms and brochures page or call us to request one.

A Trusted Contact is someone you deem trustworthy who may be contacted by Member Benefits if we are not able to reach you or if we have reasonable belief that you or your account may have been exposed to financial exploitation. The Trusted Contact does not have rights to make changes to your accounts.

Setting up a Trusted Contact is optional. If you are interested, please contact a Member Service Representative at 1-800-279-4030.