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DATE | 05/09/22
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We’ve updated our financial planning service options to better serve you.

Recent research has found that Americans who have a financial plan enjoy increased savings, better asset allocation, more confidence in financial decision-making, and more balanced portfolios. And written plans may be especially important for those with low- and moderate-income levels.* Have you taken advantage of Member Benefits’ financial planning services? Now is a great time, because we have even more options to meet your needs!

Member Benefits is very pleased to offer you a more flexible set of financial planning options to help you meet your financial goals. Our Financial Planning Advice options remain the same, but we’ve added an online do-it-yourself option as well as a new variety of assisted options. Our updated financial planning program goes beyond retirement planning and is designed to help you explore the financial goals that best meet where you are in your career. Here is an overview.

Do It Yourself Financial Planning

For those who have a 403(b) account with Member Benefits, we offer a free interactive wealth management tool called eMoney. It provides holistic planning with a personal website and 24-hour access. You can monitor your budget, get investment updates, store important documents, receive strategic advice from our financial advisors via the portal, and much more.

Financial Coaching

If you’re new to investing and retirement saving or need guidance on a different financial topic, we have three new options available based on what you want to explore. Topics range from investment allocation to debt reduction to the Wisconsin Retirement System to college savings to initial estate planning—and more.

Financial Planning Advice

Our traditional financial planning options to explore your retirement readiness are still available. These are fee-based options that can help you evaluate your current investment portfolio or explore if you’re on track for retirement. Discounts may be available for some participants.

Get started

These services offer more in-depth assistance than our individual financial consultations. For more information or to schedule a financial planning service, please contact us or visit the web page of the service you’re interested in. We look forward to serving you now and in the years to come.

Financial Planning Services
1-800-279-4030, Ext. 6730


*Source: PLANSPONSOR, “Having a Written Financial Plan Improves Savings and Asset Allocation.”