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Sources of retirement income for most Wisconsin public school employeesSave for your future

Most Wisconsin public school employees will need more than Social Security and their pension in retirement—the rest is up to you. WEA Member Benefits’ nationally-recognized 403(b) retirement savings program can help you meet your personal savings goals. It also provides tax-advantaged savings options for public school employees. The 403(b) is similar to the 401(k) in the private sector.

We also offer Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options as another great way to save for retirement. Both Roth and Traditional IRAs are available. Plus, your family members (spouse, children, parents, and parents-in-law) are also eligible for our IRA program.

Chart illustrates sources of income for most Wisconsin public school employees. *The percentage of salary replaced is tied to how many years one works in state service. The 33%-45% figure assumes 25-33 years of WRS service and depends on individual circumstances.

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Many people don't realize that the coverage that personal insurance provides is a very important part of your financial health. You work hard for what you have, so protect it with someone you can trust like Member Benefits. Our discount programs and payment options make managing costs and budgets easy.

Explore our insurance products to cover your home, auto, and much more.

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Get a plan for your future by making a financial planning appointment with one of our financial advisors. Whether your wondering if your investments are still aligned with your financial goals, wanting to determine whether you're on track to retire, or determining your readiness for retirement, we can help you a game plan for making important retirement decisions.


For over 45 years, WEAC members have enjoyed the quality financial programs offered by Member Benefits—programs made available by their union.

WEAC created programs such as our nationally recognized 403(b) and personal insurance programs to give members a quality alternative to for-profit providers of financial services.

While eligibility for these programs is generally extended to all Wisconsin public school employees, WEAC members receive preferred pricing as an added value to their membership. Plus, family members may be eligible for most programs.

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Financial seminars

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The Conversation Every Family Should Have: Long-Term Care Options From a Healthcare Perspective

Experts say 70% of those who reach age 65 will need some type of long-term care (LTC) during their lifetimes. Long-term care insurance may minimize the impact of any LTC expenses you may incur in retirement.

Join Eileen Dunn as she discusses options for elder care, the role state and Federal programs play in LTC, and types of LTC insurance available.

Eileen is an expert in geriatric and elder care and helps families determine the best options available for their loved ones. She has degrees in Social Work and Health Services Administration, is certified through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers, and is a member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.

Program administered by Associates of Clifton Park. Long-term care (LTC) insurance products are underwritten by multiple LTC insurers.

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Attention KEA Members!

Wondering how to start saving for retirement?

Are you on the right track?

Individual retirement consultations with WEA Member Benefits can help answer both of those questions!

photo of MBC Vicki Engle

Vicki Engle, Member Benefits Consultant, from WEA Member Benefits will be offering individual consultations with staff. It’s a convenient way to get general help or guidance.

WHO: Staff and spouses are welcome.
WHAT: Complimentary Financial Consultation
WHEN: Choose a convenient date and time by clicking on the link here or below

Vicki can answer your specific questions on a wide range of financial topics such as:

  • The importance of a 403(b) or IRA savings account and how to enroll
  • Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) basics
  • Retirement savings strategies; pretax vs. Roth, 403(b) vs. IRA
  • Investment/account fees
  • Tips for purchasing home and auto insurance

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Please plan to have access to a computer when you call Vicki at 608-416-8681 for your consultation.

Insurance consultations

30 minute consultation with a licensed insurance consultant

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