College student Q&A

DATE | 10/14/22
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FAQs we receive from parents about how their insurance extends to their kids in college. Our answers assume you carry your insurance with us.

Q. Does having a child away at college affect my auto insurance?

A. Yes. If your dependent child is at a school 100 miles or more away from home without a car, we may be able to adjust your rate for that driver and reduce your premium. If they take a vehicle with them, give us a call to update your policy.

Q. Are my child’s belongings covered under my home insurance while they’re at college?

A. Yes. With your WEA Property & Casualty Insurance Company’s home policy, your child is covered up to 10% of the personal property limit on your policy (subject to deductibles and coverages in your policy).

Q. My insured college student left his laptop at the library and it was stolen. Is it covered?

A. Your child’s belongings are covered up to 10% of the personal property limit while temporarily away at school, assuming they come home during the summer. Students who enter into apartment leases, stay full time at campus, or are attempting to change state residency to save on tuition should consult our service team to discuss options.

For more answers to your insurance questions, call us at 1-800-279-4030.