Money Management

Before you head back to school…

DATE | 08/30/21
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Don’t let your savings take a summer break!

Here are a few things to consider for your financial checklist before you head back to the classroom this fall.

Are you contributing as much as you can toward your retirement? Consider how much you can afford to save in your 403(b) and/or IRA. Also be sure to check on contribution limits.

Complete a new Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) to give yourself a raise in your 403(b) contribution for the next school year.

Review beneficiaries. If you’ve experienced any life events (marriage, divorce, birth of a child, etc.) it’s time to update your beneficiaries. Beneficiaries named on your retirement account supersede your will.

Update your address, review your portfolio, and change your investment allocation. Visit yourMONEY online to review your account or make an appointment to meet with one of our financial advisors for more assistance.

Have you reviewed your home and auto insurance coverage lately? Get an insurance consultation or fill out a quote form.

Let your family know about the Member Benefits programs that are available to them.

This summer, and anytime, call us at 1-800-279-4030, Extension 8577 for assistance.