Take the risk out of Halloween with proper insurance coverage

DATE | 10/24/19
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Costumes, decorations, treats, and sometimes tricks make Halloween a favorite holiday. But this widely celebrated day of ghosts and goblins also has the potential for costly mishaps.

As a homeowner, renter, and/or motorist, consider the important role your insurance plays in protecting you and your finances in the event the unexpected happens.

Tricks can be costly when they cause damage to your home or car. Standard home and renters policies generally provide coverage for vandalism, less your deductible. If your car gets damaged, there may be coverage under the optional comprehensive part of your auto policy (if you carry it).

Decorations can be more than scary! Fire damage from a Halloween candle or electrical decoration is generally covered by your home or renters policy. The amount and terms of coverage are stated in your policy.

Is your coverage limit enough to replace your home and personal belongings in the event of a total loss? Too often people under insure their largest investment for the sake of a few dollars each month and put their family’s financial security at risk.

Use extra caution while driving. Remember that kids out canvassing the neighborhood for treats on Halloween night may be distracted by all the costumes and candy. Dimly lit streets make it difficult to see children, so proceed with caution. Accidents that do not involve another driver or pedestrian are typically covered under the optional collision portion of an auto insurance policy, if you carry it. If another car or person is involved in the accident, the liability portion of your auto policy would kick in (up to your coverage limits).

If you have questions about your insurance coverage, call us at 1-800-279-4030.