Student art winners!

DATE | 08/23/18
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Our Student Art Contest is now in its third year. With a record 112 entries, it was difficult to choose just 15, but it was truly enjoyable to see the creativity and talent of our Wisconsin public school students! Thank you to all who participated.

Students whose art was chosen each received a $50 Amazon gift card for allowing us to display their art, as did their art teacher.

Stop by our Madison office lobby for a dose of inspiration from the young people of our great public schools.

StudentGradeSchoolArt Teacher
Wren ElliottKShorewoodAngela Hayes
Zeya Railand1ShorewoodAngela Hayes
Daniela Price3ShorewoodAngela Hayes
Hannah Yoo5ElmbrookJeanne Madson
Gage Mortimer6WestfieldMary Wenzel
Laurel Miller7BerlinRachel Schuh
Catherine Booth8BellevilleAbby Ottenson
Allyson Carstensen10Tomahawk Sarah Hinke
Anna Roby10MondoviNorene Schreiner
Abbey Freimark11BerlinAngela Breunig
Emily Popp11LodiWhitney Robarge
Adeline Pumplun11Oconto FallsJan Wallrich
Leena Meyers12WhitnallJessica Tasev
Madeline Ouimet12River ValleyKasey Maxwell
Amelia Roost12BerlinAngela Breunig