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Perception Survey 2022

DATE | 08/22/22
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Read the results of our fourth annual member perception survey.

Member Benefits completed its fourth annual Member Perception Survey to gauge customer satisfaction and understand trends. Says David Kijek, President and CEO, “We always appreciate member feedback so we can know how to best meet your needs.”

First impressions

What first comes to mind when thinking about WEA Member Benefits is:

  • Customer service (28%)
  • Products/services (23%)
  • Retirement/retirement planning (27%)

Members’ first impressions include:

“Well managed and easy to access help with any questions.”

“Value. WEA professionals provided my wife and I with financial advice that allowed us to achieve financial security in retirement.”


Member Benefits has a world‐class reputation among members. Eighty-eight percent felt we have a Very Good or Excellent reputation.


Sixty-nine percent of members feel Member Benefits Exceeds or Somewhat Exceeds expectations, a 2% increase from 2021.

Lives up to brand promise

Member opinion on whether Member Benefits lives up to its brand promise remains excellent at 90% replying Often or Always.

Financial security

The number one personal financial issue for members every year of our survey, including this year, is preparing for the future (32%), followed by the economy and politics (16%), and paying off debt (12%).

Financial security results

Customer satisfaction

As in 2021, a vast majority of respondents Agree or Strongly Agree that providing excellent customer service is a top priority at Member Benefits.

“I feel like they have always delivered on promises and I can trust them to give me advice that will actually benefit me, not them.”

“They provide the most personal attention of any company I have worked with.”

Customer satisfaction results

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score, a measure of likelihood to recommend an organization, remained consistent from last year (57%). A score above 50% is considered excellent.

Net promoter score results

Top advice from members

Member advice for David Kijek focused on service and outreach, which has been a top priority each year of the survey. Members would like more personalized contact with representatives, and education remains important to members.

One‐quarter of respondents gave us kudos and thanks, such as:

“Honestly, I really like what you do. I look forward to your quarterly magazine. I like your website. I think your employees are respectful and kind. Keep up the good work.”

“Continue to provide the affordable investment options that you do for your members.”

“Thank you for being responsible and committed to WEA members.”

David Kijek adds, “Despite the challenges that continue with the pandemic, you’ve let us know that we’ve continued to provide the excellent customer service you have come to value—and that is incredibly important to us. We’ll keep striving to make improvements and to do our best to serve you.”

No participants of this survey were compensated for their reviews.