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New mobile app: yourMONEY Snapshot

DATE | 06/24/19
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Member Benefits is pleased to offer our members a new phone app that provides a quick overview of your current retirement savings.

The new yourMONEY Snapshot is an informational app that allows you to review your current account—it is not a transactional app.

To log in to yourMONEY Snapshot, use the same username/password as you do for yourMONEY. Once logged in, you can opt for fingerprint recognition to access the app if you prefer.

The dashboard lets you toggle between the following:

My Forecast

See the monthly retirement savings goal you set in yourMONEY. The app will help assess your shortfall or show you if you’re on track.


Shows your most recent balance, including vested balance, as of the previous business day. You can also get more details on your investments and plan information here.


Get performance information from the past 12 months and find your personal rates of return for the past quarter or one, two, or three years. Explore savings sources and break down by money type or dates.

Transaction activity

See transactions or pending requests from the last 30 days. Filter by types and date. Choose to explore fees, withdrawals, and more.


Your statements will be available in the app as soon as they are available in yourMONEY.


You can access the yourMONEY online account directly by clicking on the information button at the bottom and entering the Web site. Here you can make changes, updates, etc.

Ready to download the app?

Visit Google Play or the Apple Store and search for yourMONEY Snapshot.

Questions? Call 1-800-279-4030.