Mutual fund lineup and model portfolio update

DATE | 06/18/18
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To evaluate the quality of our retirement programs, we regularly review all available investments. We review each investment based on a variety of factors to ensure they continue to satisfy our standards. We also look to provide you with an appropriate number of, and access to, different types of investments.

Fund changes

We are replacing the T. Rowe Price Equity Income (PRFDX) fund with Vanguard Equity-Income Admiral Shares (VEIRX) in our mutual fund lineup for our WEA Tax Sheltered Annuity Trust 403(b) and WEAC IRA programs effective July 1, 2018. New contributions and trades in and out of the fund will be closed at 3 p.m. Central Time (CT) on June 29, 2018. All existing balances and ongoing contributions directed to this fund will be directed to Vanguard Equity-Income Admiral Shares.

Also effective July 1, 2018, we will be updating our model portfolio investment option to include Vanguard Equity-Income Admiral Shares for all of our model portfolios and adding the Oppenheimer Developing Markets fund to the moderately conservative portfolio. For more information about these funds, please visit our investment choices page or call us at the phone number listed below.

These updates will take place between June 29, 2018, at 3 p.m. Central Time and July 6, 2018, at 3 p.m. Central Time. While you may be able to view your account during this time, please understand that you may see fluctuations as these changes are being made. This is expected with the investment changes. No transactions will be processed during this time. Please keep in mind that this change will happen automatically and no action is required on your part. After July 6, 2018, at 3 p.m., you will be able to make any changes or updates to your account.

How do I make changes?

If the automatic fund changes above do not meet your needs, you can make changes to your account by visiting yourMONEY or call a Retirement and Investment Services Specialist at 1-800-279-4030, Extension 8568. It is important to review your investment selections periodically to ensure they meet your retirement goals. This may be a good time to review your portfolio to take advantage of the choices available.

Before investing in any mutual fund, visit our investment choices page or call WEA Member Benefits at 1-800-279-4030 to request a prospectus. We advise you to read it carefully and consider the fund’s investment objective, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the investment company.

If you would like assistance with making investment decisions or you desire a more comprehensive look at what investments are appropriate for you, Member Benefits offers financial planning services that include a fee-based portfolio analysis, retirement income analysis, and retirement income projection.