IRA Bonus 2017

Open an IRA with WEA Member Benefits by October 15, 2017.
Collect up to $100!

Have you been putting off saving for retirement? Did you know that the longer you wait the harder and more costly it will be? Time plays a critical role in building up your nest egg, so getting started now (even with a small amount) is to your advantage.

Member Benefits wants to help you, your spouse, or other eligible family members make this important financial move.

Receive up to $100 when you open your first IRA with Member Benefits*.  

  • Open an IRA with Member Benefits by October 15, 2017, collect $50.* Use automatic contributions.
  • Collect an additional $50* if your IRA account balance reaches $5,000 by October 15, 2018. Rollovers and transfers count!

Enjoy these advantages!

Hurry! Offer limited to 50 new accounts.  

Theron WahlbergTheron Wahlberg, Retirement Enrollment Consultant, will help you enroll in as little as 15 minutes. Fill out and submit the form to schedule your phone consultation.



*Restrictions apply. Review these important details.

Receive a $50 bonus when you open your first IRA account with Member Benefits and contribute a minimum of $25 per month via Trust Advantage or Smart Plan (monthly bank draft) for a period of 12 consecutive months ending October 15, 2018.

Receive an additional $50 bonus if your account balance as of October 15, 2018 is $5,000 or more. Contributions, earnings, and transfers/ rollovers from other institutions count toward the balance accumulation.

  • If a new Roth IRA and a new Traditional IRA account are established for the same member during the promotional period, the balances will be combined for accumulation purposes.
  • Transfers/rollovers from another Member Benefits IRA and/or 403(b) do not count toward the balance accumulation.
  • A new account must be funded with a minimum of $25 within 60 days of opening.
  • The maximum bonus per qualifying member is $100. Member Benefits will credit the bonus directly into your new IRA account within 30 days after you meet the qualifications. The bonus will be credited to your IRA in the form of an adjustment to earnings.
  • For purposes of this promotion, all contributions, transfers, and rollovers will be valued on the date credited to your account.
  • Wisconsin public school employees and their eligible family members are eligible for this promotion. Normal IRS and WEAC IRA eligibility rules apply.
  • Bonus earnings are credited to the account according to your future investment allocation.
  • Your account must still be open on October 15, 2018 in order to receive any applicable bonus.
  • Member Benefits reserves the right to terminate or modify this promotion at any time.
  • Other rules and restrictions may apply.
  • Offer will end October 15, 2017 or sooner.

The Trustee Custodian for the WEAC IRA accounts is Newport Trust Company. To be eligible for this program, you must meet the IRS eligibility requirements for contributing to an IRA.

Family members including your spouse, children, parents, and parents-in-law may also participate in many of these programs.

Keep in mind that mutual fund investments are not guaranteed and may gain or lose value. Past performance is no guarantee for future results. Future performance may be lower or higher than past performance.

Before investing in any mutual fund, call WEA Member Benefits at 1-800-279-4030 to request a prospectus. We advise you to read it carefully and consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the investment company.

**Interest is compounded daily to produce the current annual yield prior to the deduction of administrative fees of the WEA TSA Trust and the WEAC IRA program. Principal and net credited interest are fully guaranteed by Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company (PRIAC). Such guarantees are based solely upon the financial strength and claims-paying ability of PRIAC.

The Prudential Guaranteed Investment is a group annuity product issued by PRIAC. Amounts contributed to the contract are deposited in PRIAC’s general account. Payment obligations and the fulfillment of any guarantees specified in the group annuity contract are insurance claims supported by the full faith and credit of PRIAC. PRIAC periodically resets the interest rate credited on contract balances, subject to a minimum rate specified in the group annuity contract and subject to change. Past interest rates are not indicative of future rates.

PRIAC is compensated in connection with this product by deducting an amount for investment expenses and risk from the investment experience of certain assets held in PRIAC’s general account. PRIAC uses a portion of its aggregate revenue to reimburse WEA TSA Trust and WEA Member Benefit Trust for record-keeping expenses incurred in connection with the WEA TSA Trust and WEAC IRA programs.  

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