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FREE Seminars

None at this time.

FREE 30-minute Financial Consultations

baderSteve Bader, WEA Member Benefits Member Benefit Consultant will be onsite at the GBEA office, 2256 Main Street in Green Bay, for several days of FREE financial consultations for GBEA members. 

Whether you're just getting started on your financial journey, have specific questions, or would like a quick check-in, Steve can help answer questions and offer general guidance.

Some topics of discussion may include: 

  • Reasons to start a 403(b) or IRA savings account and how to enroll
  • Wisconsin Retirement System basics
  • Retirement savings strategies (i.e. pretax vs. Roth, 403(b) vs. IRA, etc.)
  • Investment/account fees
  • Budgeting
  • Tips for purchasing personal insurance


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Long-term Care Insurance (LTCi) 

None at this time.

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