Congratulations to these MTEA members!

DATE | 05/11/18
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WEA Member Benefits is happy to support the following MTEA members with financial gifts to enhance the educational experience of their students.

Mrs. Kargol, Manitoba School, Pre-K

Project: Mrs. Kargol wants to help her students learn the value of money by creating a classroom store so the children can have a hands-on experience of purchasing items with “pretend” dollars they earn during the school day for being respectful, responsible, and safe. $365

Ms. Arribas, Alba Elementary, PreK-2

Project: Ms. Arribas requested a versatile chart stand and math manipulatives to help her students review math skills together and work in base 10, fractions, measurement, data and geometry in a fun and visual way. $219

Mr. Koney, Trowbridge Street School of Great Lakes Studies PreK-2 (pictured above)

Project: When Mr. Koney brings his students together in a group, he wants to provide them with a place where they can be comfortable and learn. A carpet that has both letters and numbers will allow for active learning in his classroom. $257

Ms. Benner, Samuel Clemens School, PreK-2

Project: Ms. Benner wants to provide her students learn their grade level standards through alternative methods such as games. Creative learning techniques also help students learn to interact and play with others, how to problem solve and self-regulate their behavior. $300

WEA Member Benefits: We believe in education. We believe in our public schools. We believe in our teachers.