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Are you a retired educator?

Are you looking for a part-time challenge with flexible hours?

Do you enjoy helping fellow educators take ownership in their financial future?

If you answered YES to all of the above, you might be the person we are looking for.

Member Benefits is committed to the financial security of Wisconsin educators. We are looking for retired educators who can help provide financial mentoring to Wisconsin public school employees.


Part-time Employees
Wisconsin K–12 Public Education Field

WEA Member Benefits (Member Benefits) seeks extraordinary retired Wisconsin educators interested in working part-time as Member Benefits Consultants (MBCs). Successful candidates will have a familiarity with the Wisconsin educational community as well as a deep understanding of the financial needs and concerns of K–12 public school educators. Working as a consultant for Member Benefits provides personal satisfaction and enjoyment, an opportunity to stay connected to the educational community, and extra income.

About us

Member Benefits was created more than 45 years ago by WEAC to enhance the financial security of Wisconsin K–12 public school employees. We are a leading provider of voluntary retirement savings and personal insurance products to Wisconsin K–12 public school employees.


  • Identify potential eligible Wisconsin public school employees interested in Member Benefits programs.
  • Assist educators and their families in selecting products that help increase their financial security.
  • Enroll eligible Wisconsin public school employees into Member Benefits programs.
  • Work effectively with Member Benefits employees.
  • Time is spent doing what you like to do best—educating others.


  • Current Wisconsin Life and Property and Casualty licenses and both Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Series 6 and 63 licenses (or the willingness and ability to obtain prior to appointment to the position).
  • A “can-do” attitude and professional image.
  • Strong verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Competitive and goal oriented.
  • Retired Wisconsin K–12 public educator and/or coach.


  • Flat daily rate.
  • Additional performance-based revenue.

To explore this opportunity, submit your resume and we will contact qualified candidates to arrange an interview.

Contact: Al Toscano
Phone: (800) 279-4010, Ext. 8243

Meet our MBCs

Steve Bader

Steve was a band director for 34 years for elementary through high school students (Westfield and De Pere). “I loved it.” His wife is a fulltime technology training specialist at the elementary schools in De Pere.

Vicki Engle

Vicki taught middle school math in the Menomonee Falls and Mequon-Thiensville school districts. She also spent several years in the private sector where she focused on training, analysis, and business development with Procter & Gamble and a local pharmacy consultant. “I enjoy sharing my passion for personal finance to help others become financially secure.”

Tom Gallmann

Tom spent 12 years teaching technology education for the Germantown School District and seven years as Assistant Principal in the Watertown Unified School District. He returned to the classroom to become head football coach before retiring at age 55.

Jeff Huenink

Jeff spent six years in Montana teaching music and working on ranches in the summer. After teaching in Minnesota for two years, he spent 25 years in St. Croix Falls teaching band and general music.

Dave Olson

While co-owning and managing his family premium ice cream business in Chippewa Falls for 25 years, Dave also taught business and marketing courses at Chippewa Valley Technical College for several years. His wife Mary is a retired elementary teacher of 36 years. “As we go through life, circumstances change, but there’s almost always some extra funds that can be set aside to help us reach our retirement goals.”

Steve Pike

Steve retired after 30 years of teaching high school science. He also served as a CAUSNorth UniServ board member, MTI President, and WEAC board member. “Early in my career, I attended a financial education session that got me started saving for retirement.”

Mark Resch

Mark taught high school science for 35 years and coached high school and college football in Ripon. He was very involved in his association locally and nationally. “That spirit of serving members continues today in my work as an MBC.”

Bruce Winchester

Bruce retired after thirty-one wonderful years with the Elk Mound School District. He taught government, law, economics, and English literature. Bruce also enjoyed coaching the Academic Decathlon and basketball.