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Questions to ask and value-added items to consider when purchasing insurance

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Tim GanoungIn our article, "Be a better insurance consumer," we discussed ways you can evaluate whether you are actually getting a good deal on your home and auto insurance by looking beyond price and having a better understanding of your insurance needs. Below we have other value considerations and specific questions to ask yourself that can help when making a decision on insurance.

Questions to ask

  • For every dollar you are saving, what are you losing?
  • Are you comparing apples to apples when you shop for insurance?
  • Is added exposure to financial loss worth the money you are saving?
  • Do your expectations for coverage match what is in your policy?

Value considerations

Other value-added items of importance to consider when purchasing insurance include:

  • How familiar are you with the company you are doing business with?
  • Does the company have your best interests at heart?
  • Do they respond in a timely fashion to your needs and requests?
  • What is the company‚Äôs claim satisfaction rating?
  • Are you comfortable asking their representatives questions?
  • Do they take the time to help you understand your policy?

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Tim Ganoung, Personal Insurance Consultant

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