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Jay LukasIn our spring 2014 issue of your$ magazine, we highlighted member Patrick Kubeny, a nationally certified business education teacher at Rhinelander High School who goes the extra mile by sharing his personal financial information with his students to create more “sticky” lessons. Patrick’s enthusiasm for teaching this topic, along with his unique approach, contributes to the popularity of his classes.

Patrick stresses to his students that current trends make it likely for people to rely more on their personal savings for retirement than in the past. One of his favorite tools to show the significance of personal savings in building a secure retirement nest egg is a compound interest calculator. It shows how even saving a little retirement can make a difference over time. As Patrick explains to his students, “You will never retire on the money you saved for retirement. You will retire on the money you make off the money you saved for retirement.” The earlier you start saving, the more time you have to benefit from compounding interest.

Try it for yourself! It’s just one tool that can help you make good decisions about your financial future. And take advantage of some other great financial resources that Patrick shared with us.

Jay Lukas, Senior RIS Specialist

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