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Keep walks and steps ice-free

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Mark DannehlI heard on the radio today that we're halfway through winter! But we still have plenty of challenging weather ahead. Remember that if someone slips on ice on your property, you could be found liable for their injuries. Keep your walk safe by staying on top of snow and ice removal. Here are a few tips.

  • Clean your walks promptly after a snowfall to keep snow from bonding to the surface. Check your local ordinance for snow removal requirements.
  • Spread sand or gravel on icy patches to make your sidewalk safer for pedestrians. Spreading sand on a sidewalk before ice forms can also make future ice easier to remove. Free sand may be available in your community.
  • Warming sand in a microwave-safe container and spreading it while it is still warm can make it more effective. It will embed itself in to the ice, creating a gritty top layer.
  • Be careful when using melting agents or salt to de-ice your driveway and sidewalks. The excess salt can damage shrubs, lawns, and plants by drawing water away from their roots.
  • Pile snow in a place where it will not run across your sidewalk when it melts and aim your downspouts away from areas where people walk to keep your sidewalks clear during freeze-thaw cycles.

Mark Dannehl, Personal Insurance Consultant