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Are you looking to jump-start your retirement savings this year?

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Brenda EcheverriaStart the new school year off on the right financial foot. Here are three easy ways to get started:

  1. Pay yourself first. Start contributing to a 403(b) or IRA as soon as you can. Automatic contributions make it easy to start saving.
  2. Build a budget. A budget helps you know where your money is going, it helps you set priorities, save for things you want, and gives you permission to spend.
  3. Watch fees. Keeping fees low on your retirement accounts keeps more of your money working for you.

Get started
For as little as $20 per month (or $50 per month for a Roth IRA), you can start your school year off on the right financial foot. As a Wisconsin public school employee, you are eligible to open a 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity or a WEAC Roth IRA offered through WEA Trust Member Benefits.

Not convinced?
Even saving just a small amount of money now can really add up later. Read the story of Jack and Jill to understand the power of compounding interest over time.

Got questions?
Call us at 1-800-279-4030 to get started, or schedule a phone consultation online.

Brenda Echeverria, Financial Planner

The 403(b) retirement program is offered by the WEA TSA Trust. TSA program registered representatives are licensed through WEA Investment Services, Inc., member FINRA.