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Women to pay more for long-term care insurance

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Kelly Blog PhotoIf you're considering purchasing long-term care insurance, you may want to look into it soon. Rates for new LTCi applications for women are expected to increase about 40% as women account for more and higher claims than men. Some long-term care insurers have begun to file new policies with gender-based pricing with the Wisconsin Department of Insurance and expect to start implementing new rates this spring.

Some of the facts that support that industry's trend for higher premiums for women include:

  • Home health care patients: 64% female vs. 36% male
  • Assisted living residents: 73.6% female vs. 26.4% male
  • Mean stays in days for assisted living residents: 957 female vs. 636 male
  • Total nursing home residents: 1,061,700 female vs. 430,500 male
  • New claims opened in 2010: 64% female vs. 36% male

(Source: 2011 Sourcebook by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance)

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Kelly Behnke, CIC, CISR, ACSR
Personal Insurance Consultant