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Recent Medicare settlement does not affect the need for long-term care insurance

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Kelly Blog PhotoA recent ruling involving Medicare services has many members asking if the ruling affects long-term care. The federal case deals with the provision where Medicare would not approve skilled care services for individuals with chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s, strokes, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease who had no prospects for improvement. Under the terms of the settlement, it will no longer matter whether or not a person is “making progress towards recovery” to qualify for skilled care benefits.

It’s important to understand that while Medicare is expanding its skilled nursing care services, benefits are still limited to 100 days after a three-day covered inpatient hospital stay. After 100 days, Medicare patients are responsible for 100% of skilled nursing care costs.

Additionally, Medicare does not cover unskilled custodial care to help with activities of daily living, which include such things as bathing, dressing, feeding, etc. Most nursing home care is custodial care.

The Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare offers detailed information on what services are covered. Long-term care is the first item on the “What’s not covered by Part A & Part B?” section.

We invite you to contact us with questions about Medicare or your own health insurance policy regarding how much long-term care you’ll qualify for under these policies. Understanding what coverage you have, as well as the type of care you may need, is important for planning for your future. To schedule a personal phone/online appointment, call 888-247-5905 or visit

Kelly Behnke, CIC, CISR, ACSR
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