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Reasons to rollover your IRA

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Michelle Blog PhotoDo you or your spouse have a 401k from a previous employer? Wondering what to do with it? Consider rolling it over into our IRA program.

Here's a few reasons to rollover your IRA:

It's open to family members. You, your spouse, parents, parents-in-law, and children may participate in the WEAC IRA program. Restrictions may apply. Wisconsin residency required.

Low fees save money. The IRA has just one low annual administrative fee (0.45%) that is capped annually at $600 for WEAC members, $750 for non-members. No other administrative fees apply, however, mutual funds include investment management and redemption fees. If you or your spouse are paying more for an IRA with another company, consider a transfer into a WEAC IRA. *A minimum annual fee of $25 will apply to accounts which have no annual contributions or distributions.

Rollover with ease. We can help you complete your transfer or rollover in a few easy steps. It only takes about 5 minutes with the help of one of our technical assistants. We accept transfers/
rollovers from a variety of retirement plans including IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), Simple IRA, and SEP IRA.

Consolidating your retirement accounts can save you money and make your account management a breeze. Our enrollment experts will help you: 

  1. Evaluate your current provider. 
  2. Prepare paperwork. 
  3. Monitor the transfer process.

For more information, give us a call at 1-800-279-4030.

Michelle Slawny, CFP®