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How does retiring to another state affect my insurance?

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 Mark Blog PhotoI recently had a participant call to ask if he could keep his auto policy with us if he retired out of state. Here’s the answer I gave him after consulting with our underwriter, Skip Miller. WEA P&C Company is only licensed as an insurance carrier in the state of Wisconsin and not able to provide coverage for non-Wisconsin residents. So, if you decide to take up permanent residence outside of Wisconsin in retirement, you will have to find another insurance carrier.

Snowbirds who choose to go south or elsewhere for an extended period continue to be eligible as long as they maintain their primary residence in Wisconsin. However, vehicles licensed in another state for use during their stay cannot be included on their WEA P&C auto policy. Also, we are only able to provide home, condo, or renters insurance for property inside of Wisconsin.

Even if you do not have your auto or home insurance with us, you may want to investigate how retiring to another state might impact your insurance. Make sure to let your insurer know of your situation so you continue to have protection wherever you are.

Mark Dannehl, Personal Insurance Consultant